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Central Superior Services

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Central Superior Services

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The glory and splendor, the solid achievement and the established traditions, the sound administration and magnificent culture of the Muslims empire have been the significant features of the Muslims history of the subcontinent.

Arabs, as traders entered the sub-continent within a two years after their conversion to Islam. The Muslim traders played a very significant role in preaching Islam in the subcontinent, as Hitti remarks that it has passed through three distinct stages “originally a religion, Islam later became a state and finally a culture”. The Arab Muslims conquered Sindh in the seventh century A.D. Sea faring and maritime interest of the Arabs on the coast of India were considerable even before Islam: and under a centralized government of Umayyad, the commercial activities expanded in the subcontinent. Mohammad bin Qasim, the conqueror of Sindh made Sindh Dar-ul-islam and based his policy on the Sharia; the laws of Islam. The majority of converts who entered the fold of Islam belonged to lower caste of Hindus to whom Islam at once brought that social equality which Hinduism had denied them from a long time. Arab missionary activities also played a significant role in the large scale conversion of Hindus. As T.W. Arnold says, “But for the arrival of the Portuguese, the whole of this coast would have become Mohammedan”.Feroze Shah Tughlaq in his autobiography writes, “I encouraged my infidel subjects to embrace the religion of the Prophet. The new converts were favoured with presents and honours”.

Islamic influence first came to be felt in the Indian sub-continent during the early 7th century with the advent of Arab traders. Arab traders used to visit the Malabar region , which was a link between them and the ports of South-East Asia to trade even before Islam had been established in Arabia. According to Historians Elliot and Dowson in their book...

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