Centra Market Assignment

Topics: Employment, Customer, SWOT analysis Pages: 7 (2158 words) Published: November 6, 2010
(Aims, Objectives and Methodology)
The Following Assignment is an analysis on the structure and functions of Carrolls, Centra Convenience Store, Knocktopher, Co. Kilkenny. The reason I’ve chosen this organisation is the fact that I have been working in Centra for the last five years. My first impression of centra is that it provides the customer with all their needs and is good value for money. It is one of Irelands leading convenience retail group, with bright, accessible stores in over 450 locations throughout the country. The aim of my project is to explore and analyse the internal workings of Centra convenience store and to look at external factors affecting it. I also will look at how the internal and external structures impact on the performance of the organisation. This analysis will make the reader more aware of how much the convenience store is needed in local areas. The primary data was collected by using a Questionnaire and by observation. The Questionnaire can be found in the appendix. The secondary data was collected using the internet. Main source for information was the “Centra Stores website”. Reference: Centra, “Centra Stores Website”, (Online), www.centra.ie, (Accessed 14th March 2010)

(History, Size, Location, Products and Ownership)
Carrolls Centra was established 15 years By William Carroll, (Manager). He took over Carrolls shop 25 years ago owned by his aunt and uncle. The shop was in a bad way before he took over, but when he did take over things changed. Before he renovated and developed the shop into the success it is today, his occupation was a bank manager. He used all his skills and experience in business to make Centra a success. Nowadays he runs the business with his son, Padraig Carroll, (assistant manager) and employs over 20 staff. Over the years Carrolls shop has change from small business into a large convenience store. It is a well known store all over Kilkenny and business is booming. The reason for this is the fact that it’s in a good area and staff are very friendly (but I’m sure there is friendly staff in every Centra Store). Two years ago William Carroll renovated the store again. This was to make the Store look more modern so it could compete with other Stores. All management and colleagues get on well together, which is good for business. When a manager Motivates staff and gives them challenge work, this has a positive effect on working relationships. The shop itself is fairly large compared to other Centra Shops and it has a large car park for customers. The shop is located in knocktopher, Co. Kilkenny on the main road between Waterford and Kilkenny. It is instantly recognisable because it’s such a well Known franchise (Centra). Musgrave retail partners Ireland, is one of Ireland’s largest grocery and food distributor. Musgrave is a family-owned Irish company and pioneered voluntary group retailing in Ireland. The company also operates in Supervalu brand. Centra Stores have a reputation for quality, value and friendly service, and the fact that the stores are operated by local people means that shoppers have the best of both worlds – the customer is guaranteed traditional values of good fresh food and excellent services, combined with great prices and one of the biggest state of the art retail distributers.

Internal Structure
Functions of Staff:
* Management staff: Responsibility to keep control of money in the workplace and make sure everything is done the right way. Also to keep tract of employees hours and to supply the weekly wage. To be recognised as the leader of the workplace by motivating staff and giving them Responsibility for certain tasks. * Deli Staff – Responsibility to provide food to the customer all day. All food should be fresh and the deli area should be clean at all times. Deli person should wear a hair net and the appropriate clothes. Orders should be taken every day for food that is...
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