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Health Care Marketing Information Matrix
There are a variety of information sources that may be used by consumers to obtain information relating to the marketing of health care products and services. The following matrix is intended to assist you in organizing the information contained in these sources. Consider the types of marketing messages that these information sources may contain and the reliability of the marketing message. Following the provided example, identify three examples of your own.

Source of Health Information| Type of Health-Related Information| Marketing Messages| How the Consumer May Assess the Accuracy or Reliability of the Marketing Messages| List the information source, such as Internet websites, WebMD, MedLine, or the news media.| Type of information provided by the source| List at least one marketing message being communicated to the consumer within this information source.| List one approach the consumer may use to verify the accuracy of the marketing message.| Example:

Website relating to ZyrtecMcNEIL-PPC, Inc. (n.d.). Zyrtec. In Zyrtec. Retrieved from| Example: Information relating to the use of Zyrtec in the treatment of allergies| Example: Zyrtec is a fast-acting allergy medicine that maintains its effect for 24 hours after a single dose.| Example: Use the product to assess whether it works as stated.| Website related to MucinexMucinex. Retrieved from| Treat chest congestion and severe coughing.| Helps loosen and thin out mucus.| Use this product to help relieve chest congestion so you can cough more productively.| Website relating to Advair Diskus.GlaxoSmithKline,Advair : Retrieved from http:// | Treat asthma for patients ages 4 and older.| Advair helps prevent asthma symptoms from occurring in the first place.| Use this product as an inhaled corticosteroid as prescribed by our...
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