Censorship Taboo Language

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  • Published : November 19, 2012
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All societies have set principles that are commonly supported by everyone with in that society. In our society, politeness and sophistication are communal qualities that we accept. To clarify; Sophistication meaning the quality of having class with respect to proper etiquette and mannerisms. Regardless of social setting politeness is always respected. In a broader sense, humanity is aware of natural morals and values. For instance, it is immoral to commit murder, theft, treason, or torture. Select cultures have unique traditions and religious ways that may alter that society’s morals and values but the underlying idea is that within a society there are shared morals and values. In America it is taboo to use profanity in public family settings. Our society does not openly accept all language usage equally. There is a time and place for every thing. It would not be socially accepted to use fowl language at a nice dinner, or for the president to make a public speech that contained any type of profanity. So why does our society so strongly support this notion that people should speak free of profanity in most everyday conversation? Censorship. Our public television, radio, internet, and print, is regulated and censored by the federal government. There are many forms of censorship and deciding what to censor is closely followed by controversy. The censorship of public ways of communication and media should be a consistent enforced guideline that not only restricts profanity from being used but also the intensions that are behind taboo language and its purpose. Through a series of discussions and group activities I have collected data on how people feel about censorship and if they think it is necessary. The participants that I targeted for my discussions included three age groups twenties, thirties, and sixties, each participant qualified as male, from California, a user of taboo language and currently living in Davis, Ca. All participants admitted...
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