Censorship Persuasive Essay

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Censorship and the Internet
People have suffered through not knowing the full extent of the digital age because some governments have prevented them from accessing the information super-highway known as the internet. The internet is censored because of corrupt and controlling governments and schools that think they are helping. Censorship itself is not inherently bad, but the venal tendencies of man are what cause censorship to become the main tool of dictators. The internet should be free, allowing all people of all races and creeds to access its free information. Censorship is an insidious tool that only leads to corruption and lack of creative expression.

Censorship is a controlling mechanism only used by the most corrupt governments. A poster child of censorship is the often-considered crazy North Korea. Its Kim Family controls the media through fraudulent government officials and the complete control of the state media. The mind-washing powers of the North Korean media prevents otherwise miserable people from leaving their deplorable positions. Online and on television, the state media convinces the credulous into believing that outside of North Korea is a cesspool of war and famine. The government started a propaganda page on Youtube and Twitter called “Uriminzokkiri”. This site is used to rally people behind the government and to provoke other countries. Recently, the Twitter account recently called the South Korean government a prostitute of the United States. Another great example of censorship and corruption is in George Orwell’s novel “1984”. The story is about a man, Winston Smith, who works for the Ministry of Truth, and his job is to make propaganda and to change historical facts. To prevent people from staging a coup, the government and its omniscient leader Big Brother make it illegal to express free thought. Anyone that is found thinking independently is immediately censored and indoctrinated by...
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