Censorship of Film and Television

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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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Censorship of Film and Television
What is Censorship? It is the practice of officially examining books, movies, film, etc., and suppressing unacceptable parts. Censorship usually takes place based on religious, moral, or personal reasons. In Film, censorship has taken many turns and it is continuing to encounter many conflicts. Broadcasting organizations along with the FCC (Federal Communications Center) and the AFA (American Family Association) are supposedly doing everything in their power to ensure that no indecency airs. Despite these claims and attempts, failure is inevitable due to the continual growth in immorality and societies thrive off of indecency. Today, everyone has access to all types of media, and in order to ensure that the viewers are watching age appropriate material is up to the parents to censor their children, not the government organizations.

Censorship has been an issue amongst the FCC and film producers since the beginning of the film industry. In order to receive successful feedback, film producers create films based on the desired content of their viewers. In the fight against immorality, The FCC upholds the Hays code and certifies films that limit indecency. In 1928, only 47 out of 572 films received the seal of commission and obtained copyrightable rights and screening in theaters. The unapproved movies leaked into theaters and became box office hits. Catholics everywhere were outraged and began boycotting all film. Hollywood became convinced that necessary remedial actions must take place, so the PCA (Production Code of Administration) was created under Joseph Breen who reviewed material in accordance to Catholics beliefs. The new organization improved censorship, but the issue still cannot be fully suppressed.

Broadcasting networks have come up with ways to deal with indecent and offensive material, but many methods are not entirely effective. One method is bleeping, in which profane words are bleeped or indecent images are...
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