Censorship Is Defined as the Banning or Restricting of Certain Materials Considered Unsuitable to Be Made Public. in Our Country, Malaysia, Censorship Is Something That Is Taken Seriously and Is a Major Issue. It Is My

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  • Published : March 26, 2012
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Censorship is defined as the banning or restricting of certain materials considered unsuitable to be made public. In our country, Malaysia, censorship is something that is taken seriously and is a major issue. It is my opinion that although censorship may bring about many questions regarding freedom of expression, it is necessary to maintain some level of censorship. One of the many reasons why censorship is practiced is because the society is afraid of the influence these materials may bring to our children. Kids nowadays know how to switch on the television. However, they do not know that some shows may be unsuitable for them to watch. In addition to that, these children are at the age where they are most vulnerable and would follow anything they see or hear. For example, some of the scenes shown in movies might be too violent for innocent eyes. This can possibly traumatize or create some sort of phobia in kids. Children learn best through observation, and if these materials are left uncensored, they might even pick up the negative habits they see. This is bad, considering that children are the leaders of the future. Furthermore, censorship is also necessary in order to maintain the peace and harmony in one’s country. For example, in a multi - racial society like ours, we have to be careful about what we say or write as it may offend other groups of people. This may cause riots and disturbance in society. Censorship plays a role in preventing war from happening among people of different views. For example, some movies have been banned in our country because it showed our country’s main religion in a bad light. It would be inappropriate to telecast such movies considering the majority of our society practices this religion and would get offended. Sensitive issues like these need to be censored. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages to censorship. The disadvantages of censorship affect those working in the creative arts the most. This is because the freedom to express their views are restricted, and in some cases banned. This infuriates people like authors, journalists, reporters and this is why some of them choose to quit their job. It is our right to exercise our freedom of speech and in written form. Nevertheless, there is a limit to everything. Boundaries and limits are created to maintain unity among the people. It is only fair to use censorship if something that might cause a controversy is published. Another disadvantage of censorship is that when certain materials are censored, this creates alternate storylines and different meanings. The reader or viewer might misinterpret the message the author or director is trying to convey. They instead believe in false facts and do not get to find out the truth. Censorship in this situation does not bring any benefit. Nevertheless, it has to be censored if it is going to create chaos among society. In this case, it is the author or director’s duty to take note of the scenes that are censored as well as making sure it maintains its original meaning. In conclusion, although there might be a few disadvantages to censorship, it is significant in maintaining a proper society. Without it, there might have been a third World War by now. Thus, censorship is necessary in our daily lives.

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