Censorship in Writing

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  • Published : March 16, 2012
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Censorship has been a dilemma that has plagued our society for a plethora of years, and which still is heavily debated in our modern times. In the essay from The Atlantic Monthly the writer confronts the issue of public nudity, making his stance and proclaiming his advocacy for free access to the nudity he may desire to lay his eyes upon.

Throughout the essay the writer places emphasis on many of his personal opinions, while also implanting his critiques aimed toward the opposition who perceive a view of public nudity as inappropriate and unfit for the presence of the general public. He presents the quandary at hand, whether the sight of the nude statues should befall upon any passerby, who represent the general public be it adult or child, or be restricted to only those that wish to “taint” themselves in the statue’s presence. He is clearly seen describing his viewpoint of the statues which he labels as art, being a masterpiece radiating beauty. The writer also demonstrated an analogy, comparing the statues and museums to libraries and their books that are not deemed fit for the public eye. In his essay he is persistent in using that comparison between museums and libraries, which will lead to his solution to the dilemma of public exposure to nude statues. From the moment the essay starts the writer begins to build up toward his solutions for this unsettling dispute between the moralists and the ones who only see the statues as works of art and filled with grace, using mostly that comparison to libraries. The writer describes the library’s job to reserve certain books for those who can deeply understand and its meaning, or not be offended by it. In this way he is setting up his solution of having statues reserved only for those that are able to appreciate the intensity of the beauty, similar to the intensity of knowledge those restricted books can give those capable of interpreting its meaning and purpose. Just the same the statue can be relocated to a...
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