Censorship in the Classroom

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  • Published : July 18, 2010
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Censorship in the classroom is a very controversial topic and always remains a central issue when discussing the parameters of education. Our government plays a large role in governing what sort of information America’s children are exposed to within the set curriculum.  The average American child receives the majority of their knowledge and education from school, so the information that is allowed to be taught is a very delicate and important issue which needs to be discussed more openly. When literature is altered or banned from public schools and libraries it can be over a variety of reasons. Books containing vulgar language, excessive violence, or connotations of drugs and sex are often items targeted for censorship.  The reasoning behind this is that some believe that these are potentially dangerous ideas, and if children were to be exposed to them that they would be corrupted and manipulated by them.  Some fear that discussing these items in a classroom atmosphere may lend some sort of acceptance in the real world. There is a contradictory school of thought on the subject which says that censorship in itself is a form of manipulation, and is a greater evil than anything a student might learn in a book.   The basis of this counter argument is that censorship does not allow children to reason and think for themselves.  The inclusion of all materials would then allow students a freedom choice to decide on what is or is not moral behavior. The removal of this freedom is decided by a higher power. Some parents complain about a lot of literature that most schools have approved as reading material in their library and in the classroom. If we listened to every parent complain there would even be a ban on the dictionary from schools. “School officials at Menifee Union School District temporarily removed copies of Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary Tenth Edition for containing graphic terms like “oral sex” after a parent complained”....
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