Censorship in School Libraries

Topics: Critical thinking, The Reader, Audience Pages: 3 (779 words) Published: March 5, 2013
The Community’s Role in Dealing with Censorship

Censorship has been always been a tough topic especially when it deals with the books in school. Robert Foley, author of “The Community’s Role in Dealing with Censorship, Educational Leadership; Jan 1983, Vol. 40 Issue 4.” misleads his readers with the title. The author does not provide enough evidence to support his claim.

The title of an article is very important because it provides readers with a sort of sneak peak at the intended contents. The title is as important as the contents of the article are. The author failed tremendously in that aspect. Most readers will look at a title of an article before they even decide to read its contents. The title “The Community’s Role in Dealing with Censorship” is very strong, but the contents do not have anything to do with the title. It is very misleading ant the author should consider changing it.

Robert Foley’s central claim is that.” Educators responses to complaints about books should be better and that the process should rely on due process, the basis for our judicial system.” An article’s central claim is the author’s argument. It should be clearly stated and accompanied by several supporting facts. Mr. Foley provides supporting facts, but not enough to convince the reader that the claim is legitimate. Some authors may elect to sort of hide their central claim while others put it up front to catch the reader’s attention. The placement of the central claim in the article is very important; not clearly stating or placing it late can give readers the impression that the author does not feel very strong about his or her claim. Foley placed it correctly, but it was not clearly stated.

Every argument needs a good opposition. Opposition, as defined by Merriam Webster, means to go against, hostile or contrary conditions. Without an opponent, it would be very difficult to present a strong argument. Imagine going to war, but not knowing who or where the...
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