Censorship in Modern America

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  • Published : January 28, 2011
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Censorship in Modern America
Censorship has affected America throughout its years, but modern America seems to be the most affected by censorship. Censorship occurs when we watch television or a movie, listen to the radio or buy music, or even read a book or magazine. There are regulations for what the public can and can’t see or hear. So who decides what the public can and can’t see? Who ultimately decides what is obscene and what should therefore be suppressed? Aren’t we a society capable of making that decision for ourselves? Apparently not, and perhaps for good reason too, because what is not obscene to one person may be objectionable to another. "Not everyone born free and equal, as the Constitution says, but everyone made equal. Each man the image of every other; then all are happy, for there are no mountains to make them cower, to judge themselves against," says Beatty, but he is saying this is the ideal aim of censorship, which cant exactly happen. Furthermore, much of the censorship in our society is mainly geared towards children. Age is used as the criteria for rating systems regulating what is proper for children to see at certain stages of their lives. Censorship is one way to regulate what children in a society should and shouldn’t experience at a young age. It serves to reinforce the morals a society hopes to instill in its children. But censorship is not solely aimed at children. Censorship is also a way of regulating ourselves, which might also be determined by the community in which we choose to live. From movies to television, from radio to CD’s, from good old-fashioned reading books to the Internet, censorship will always play a role in today’s society. Movie censorship is regulated by a rating system determined by age groups. Three main issues are scaled to decide how movies are rated: violence, sexual content, and adult language. These issues can be considered obscene in society today. Television has now taken on a rating system very...
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