Censorship in China

Topics: People's Republic of China, Internet, World Wide Web Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: March 30, 2013
News Literacy
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Due at recitation, week of September 14th

NAME: Julianne Fedele RECITATION #: 42

As Google’s chief executive officer, I would abide by China’s internet policies, simply so I could get my company’s foot in the door. Although it would be much more profitable for my search engine to serve Chinese citizens without restrictions, having my company at least partially submerged in the hundreds of millions of internet Chinese users is better than having none at all. With most of the world’s population residing in the East, as well as where countless technological advances are being honed and fostered every day, getting my company out there is absolutely pivotal, regardless of the current restrictions.

Of course, the power of information and the influence of foreign ideas are far more significant than that of profit. Allowing Chinese internet users to access information on crucial, global issues is tremendously important, due to the fact that China’s population is one that makes up a great percentage of the world’s population. According to a New York Time’s article, published in 2006, “Google could still improve Chinese citizens' ability to learn about AIDS, environmental problems, avian flu, world markets” (Thompson). Bringing awareness to the Chinese populous proves to be pivotal due to the need its citizens have to learn and progress technologically. Having this information brought to the Chinese would be incredibly beneficial, not only to the country of China, but globally as well. Accessing information quickly, without the hindrance of firewalls, revolutionizes the way China breaks down and utilizes such information. It allows Chinese web surfers to participate in blogs and countless discussions regarding the future of their country, with the possibility, of course, being censored. Yet, with the rapid growth of sites and overall internet usage, the...
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