Censorship in America

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  • Published : February 19, 2010
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SHHH! This is America

In today’s society information travels at the speed of light, almost unknowing where that information will end up. Most of this will be filtered before it even leaves the gates. If you hear a bleep in a song, if you see a skip in a movie or a black box over a picture, you’ve just been subjected something called censorship. Censorship is the repression of speech or ideas. A removal or editing of pictures articles or stories; considered offensive, harmful, undesirable, or sensitive to a national government or media group as determined by the editor. In America we have the first amendment, the freedom of speech, in which prevents censorship. That isn’t always the case; the FCC is editing the music of artist, schools are deciding which books are appropriate for students, adults are being denied the original intent of material. Censorship is against every American, it strips us of what our founding father’s promise.

Music censorship has always been a heated subject. The FCC and radical organizations claim that some violent lyrics in music are causing children to commit to violent acts and claiming that the children are mimicking what they hear. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. People who claim this to be the truth are only looking for a scapegoat. They see a problem and shift the blame to music artist. Musicians are exercising their freedom of expression, to tell their story through the art of music, to simply entertain people and make money for it. When society reaches the point were we blame violence on music, we must be in troubled times. Censoring and blaming music for the actions of a few people just shows that we can’t correct the problem at the source. It’s the individual causing the violence not the music.

Writing thoughts and ideas has been a practice of humans ever since the written word. Telling people what they can and cannot read is an invasion of not only the reader’s rights, but the author’s as well. Book...
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