Censorship in 1984

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  • Published : November 20, 2006
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How Will You Spend The Rest Of Your Days?

The oldest man currently still living today is Emiliano Mercado Del Toro who is 113 years old (Guinness 2). Emiliano said he has seen many things in his lifetime, but still feels as if he has not "seen it all" (Guinness 2). If Emiliano has lived 113 years on the earth and feels that he has not done it all then how can the average American living only into his or her 70s live a full life? Most Americans lives are spent at work, the average American works eight hours a day six days a week, which totals to be 2,496 hours a year. With Americans spending so much time behind their desks how can they be seeing the world, having fun with life, and exploring new and exciting things. The answer to this question is… that they are not, Americans seem too happy with their meek existence. Then while they are on their death bed say to their family "Where has the time gone?" A Lifetime is defined as "the time that the life of someone or something continues" (Dictionary.com 1). When you read the definition it sounds rather boring, and yet is so fitting because so many lives are spent just being bored. Lives are wasted in front of televisions, behind desks, and waiting in line at the McDonalds down the corner. I think that Lifetimes are misunderstood as being the time that includes your birth, your job, and then your death. I think that a life should be spent wisely on things like enjoying the little things and traveling. The littlest things in life should be enjoyed and savored, even though most people pass right by them. One of the best things I can remember doing when I was a kid was laying down in the grass and looking up at the clouds and trying to find a distorted cow, or a elongated donut. Then my friends and I would then fight because we would things certain clouds look differently, but we would eventually come to a consensus. The main point of that story is not to go out and find a donut, the point is that people should take...
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