Censorship and Religion

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  • Published: February 28, 2007
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This paper includes a brief history of censorship, summarizing the ancient stories of a Qin emperor, Socrates, Galileo as well as a more recent spin, which includes media censorship. It gives the explanation of the two types of censorship with a recent and historical example. Censorship and religion are defined and connected in order to form the thesis. Thesis: Most of those in favor of censorship have strong religious affiliations. Then the views of President Bush and religious fundamentalists will be shortly discussed. The analysis of research is then presented. This includes statistics on censorship in the United States and the ways moderate forms of censorship are prevalent in the media today. Subsequent to which is a brief discussion on the legality of censorship in America. This research will focus on the content analysis of various scholarly articles as well as articles from up to date news sources. These articles deal with censorship and religion and sociological perspectives on both. This paper then gives detailed facts of the religious aspect of today's society, including statistics. Using the data from these articles a final result is formulated and related back to the thesis of the paper. The results consist of the correlation of statistics as well as parallelism of social beliefs. From the prior research an educated recommendation on this current condition is presented, explaining that religion cannot be a valid legal reason to enforce something like censorship. Finally, a conclusion briefly summarizing the paper ends the piece. Background:

Censorship can be dated as far back as the 3rd century B.C. to a Qin emperor who rewrote history in order to display himself in glory. Then in the 5th century B.C. Athens indicted Socrates for "impiety" and corrupting the young. At his trial he was found guilty and his sentence was determined to be death. And after Socrates was Galileo, who fought with the Catholic Church for...
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