Censorship and Catcher in the Rye

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  • Published : November 27, 2010
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Christi Johnson
English 11 Pd. 5
Censorship Essay
The Catcher in the Rye has been an instant classic since it was first published. It has been on the New York Times Best Seller list along with being among the most banned books in the U.S. It has been banned for its harsh language and bad behavior. But truly these are not good reasons to ban a book; a book that is so enjoyed by many readers and the reality of the protagonist. It is never good to hear profound language but the book is just showing how the teenage world actually is in many cases. Most teenagers are going threw a lot at that time in their lives, not always to the extreme like Holdren, but hard times none the less. The language in the book is nothing teens are not exposed to on a regular basis. In addition, the Catcher and the Rye also shows how difficult it can be to grow up and make the transition from childhood to adulthood. It is a good message for most high school students. Even though some objections about the book may arise due to the harsh language and sexuality, The Catcher in the Rye should not be censored, along with other novels that display beneficial messages such as the hardships of growing up.

Once students enter high school, they are ready for most material. Naturally at the high school level more mature content should be taught then in middle school. However, books should be more carefully chosen. High school students are typically already exposed to many things in daily life and are preparing for adulthood. Handling and discussing some difficult material is helpful in this natural development. Books containing curse words, sexual, and homosexual material should not be in the literature or lessons of middle school students. But these topics are appropriate for high school teenagers.

The Catcher in The Rye should be taught in schools. In some ways it is a harsh book with some crude material, but nothing high school students cannot handle. Most material...
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