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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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There are many entertainment product and resources today that help bring forth the development of the human race. In the present, people see technology, games and other entertainment products as a necessity for their lives. However, religion may come to an interference with entertainment. Ever since the early ages of the human culture, people devote and dedicate their lives to the gods of their religion. Religion continues to live on within the human culture and continue to expand. People randomly come up knocking on different doors to share their good faith but technology in entertainment has taken over many people’s interest. Entertainment to this day continues to interfere with the society’s religious mentality while it continues to be seen as a disruption for the admiration of humans. Censorship should be practical on many entertainment products to help prevent corruption of minors and people of all ages.

Entertainment comes in many varieties such as music. In Chapter 9 of the book Shoot the Singer, by Paul Erasmus, people were prevented from listening to music or having it as an entertainment. The South African government had banned music from the civilians. One of the reasons were the mainly because of the lyrics especially by Roger Lucey, an artist whom was mentioned in the chapter. He continues to produce music while the South African government continues to reject it due to the lyrics in his music. The lyrics in one of his album called The Road Is Much Longer, was forwarded to the Publications Control Board for consideration. “Roger had not only attacked the state head on in ‘Longile Tabalaza’ but further made a direct reference to the Security Branch (Special branch elite).” (Pg. 75, Roger, me and the scorpion) Due to this, the South African government made music illegal in their nation. In the present, many people who have religious beliefs despise many songs in the music industry. Most of the detestation was for the content and lyrics, which they feel offended or uncomfortable, listening to. Most of the lyrics and music content discusses about issues such as violence, sexuality and explicit languages especially when it refers to religion. In addition, people with religious views believe that music in the present culture such as pop, hip-hop, techno are interfering and disrupting the innocent minds of children and others. The music culture also continues to influence people into dangerous and thoughtless acts such as violence and sexual behaviors. Although this is seen and agreed by many people, many artists and audience continue to compose and listen to the explicit language and meanings behind the lyrics. Artists do not care about what the audience thinks about their music as long as they are receiving their income through the production of music. On the other hand, the audience strives to keep up with society due to peer pressure by sharing and listening to music that may corrupt their minds. “Music is useless. Nothing is produced; nothing is achieved. For this reason amateurs, rather than professional musicians, are praised for their musicality by some moderate hardliners.” (Korpe, 14) Music influences many people into performing thoughtless acts which also influences others and many minors into doing drugs and other illegal activities. Nevertheless, there is a variety of music based on religion. However, some people also consider religious music as a sin though it has moral within its lyrics. Music with or without moral continues to influence and change the behaviors of many people. Thus, censorship is practical on many entertainment products to help inhibit exploitation of young minors and people of all ages.

Music provides a connection between the artist and the audience. “Since musical reality is a social one, specific forms of music-making and singing may be subject to change and dependent on various historical, cultural and technological variables. But they also possess a number of common traits...
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