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CEMS MIM Master Program
24th Edition
Academic Year 2012-2013

Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi

CEMS Contacts at Bocconi

Samantha Ballabio CEMS Coordinator cems@unibocconi.it Tel +39 025836.2203 Fax +39 025836.2490

Office location: Università Bocconi piazza Sraffa 11 Milano 4th Floor, Room 410

Cristina Casula CEMS Corporate Relations Coordinator cristina.casula@unibocconi.it Tel +39.02.5836.5702

Office location: Università Bocconi piazza Sraffa 11 Milano 4th Floor, Room 401

Prof. Stefano Caselli CEMS Academic Director stefano.caselli@unibocconi.it Tel +39.02.5836. 2089/6792/6104

Office location: Università Bocconi via Röntgen 1 Milano 2nd Floor, Room 2 D1 10

Prof. Bianca Maria San Pietro CEMS Language Coordinator bianca.sanpietro@unibocconi.it Tel +39.02.5836.2361

Office location: Università Bocconi via Gobbi 5 Milano 3rd Floor, Room 313

For more information
CEMS MIM at Bocconi www.ir.unibocconi.eu/cems CEMS MIM around the world www.cems.org


CEMS MIM What is CEMS? What is CEMS MIM (Master in International Management) The CEMS Community CEMS Schools CEMS Corporate Partners CEMS MIM at Università Bocconi Study Plan CEMS MIM Timeline Curriculum Components CEMS Courses at Bocconi Language Requirements to Complete the Program Student Services Financing the Program Scholarships Application Procedures Who Can Apply How to Apply Destinations Selection Language Requirements to Enter the Program CEMS, Double Degrees and Exchange Program School Assignment 2012-2013 Application and Selection Timeline CEMS and the Job Market The Value of the Program




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What is CEMS?
CEMS is a strategic alliance of leading business schools and multinational companies which was founded in 1988 by four universities: ESADE (Barcelona, Spain), HEC (Paris, France), University of Cologne (Germany), and Università Bocconi (Milan, Italy). The number of full academic members has grown steadily over the years. The CEMS alliance now includes 26 full academic members around the world, each a top school of its country, and over sixty of the world’s leading multinational companies. The Master in International Management taught at each CEMS university is the result of research cooperation and a long-standing tradition in teaching. The program encourages international mobility and cross-cultural aptitudes in addition to offering the ultimate fast track to success in the international arena. Additional CEMS activities include supporting interfaculty research groups as well as inter-school research and doctoral education.


What is CEMS MIM (Master in International Management)
The CEMS MIM was ranked the no. 2 pre-experience Master in Management program in the world in the Financial Times 2011 ranking, with the programs of 8 CEMS member schools in the top 25 and 17 member school programs in the overall ranking. The CEMS MIM was once again the no. 1 program for combined international results (international faculty, students and board, alumni mobility and international course experience). The program has been in the top 3 positions ever since the ranking began in 2005. The CEMS Master in International Management provides a selected group of the best international students with the know-how and expertise needed to succeed in the new global business environment. Designed by both academic and business leaders, the CEMS MIM program connects university education and business expertise and is therefore able to offer keen insights into management best practices. The program content and courses are closely monitored and coordinated by a committee so that they are always up-to-date and relevant in a constantly changing international market.

The one-year CEMS MIM degree program is open exclusively to students studying at CEMS member universities. The CEMS MIM degree is always delivered in conjunction with a Master degree from a CEMS school. It develops...
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