Cemetery Path

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  • Published : November 1, 2005
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Will a dare go sour and come back to haunt them? The author, Lenord Ross, gives this story a title that puts a chill in your spine, "Cemetery Path". That tells you what the story's about. The purpose of this , is for a plot development summary, and getting out the word of the theme. Don't give into peer pressure. First of all, in the exposition, there is a man named Ivan. He's a timid man. All of the villagers called him "Ivan the Terrible"p.1. (Verbal irony). Every night, Ivan went to the saloon, never taking the shortcut. He always walked around. Ivan lived in a lonely shack. One night the customers mocked Ivan. Secondly, in the complicating incident, the lieutenant mocked Ivan by saying that Ivan is so scared that he cannot even cross the cemetery at night. Ivan boldly replied, "The cemetery is nothing to cross, it is earth, like all other earth."p.1(simile) the lieutenant said he would give Ivan five gold rubles if he went in the cemetery at night, and stuck a saber in the ground, in front of the biggest tombstone. It was a challenge, and they drank. to "Ivan the Terrible"p.1. Next, is the rise in action. "Five gold rubles pigeon, if you live."p.1. (Foreshadow) said the lieutenant. Ivan walked out of the saloon with the saber in his hand. He walked into the cemetery, scared, though trying not to be. He began to run. Ivan saw the tombstone. He put the saber in the ground. Then, in the climax, when Ivan tried to get up he couldn't. He panicked fiercely. Something held him. He gasped and was very scared. Ivan didn't know what was happening. "He made senseless gurgling noises."p.2 During the fall in action, the next morning the lieutenant and villagers found Ivan on the ground. He was killed by some nameless horror. " His face was not that of a frozen mans, but that of a man killed by some nameless horror."p.2 Finally, the resolution. As they stood there watching Ivan, he was laying on the ground. "With the lieutenant's saber in the...
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