Celtic Creation vs. Genesis

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Celtic Creation v. Genesis
The question of how the world was created has boggled minds for centuries. Ancient civilizations have pondered the mystery that is Creation. This void of knowledge forms and has formed what we call creation stories. Creation stories differ in each culture and religion, but they all contain the same archetypal elements that can be easily related to one another. The Celtic Creation Story and Genesis are two that can be compared without difficulty. The elements found in both Genesis and the Celtic Creations Story parallel and contrast each other, particularly the separation of parts, the void, and pourquoi stories.

A common archetypal element that is found in creation stories is the separation of parts. The description of the separation of parts is very vague, making it easily contrasted. In the Celtic Creation Story, the separation of parts refers to Donn, the father of all the living. His son, Briain, kills Donn because of the interlocking embrace between Donn and Danu. He cuts his body up into nine parts, which then became parts of nature on the earth. In Genesis, there are many separate parts. There is the land and the sea, male and female, and day and night to name a few. The separations in the stories both contribute to the physical creation of the earth. On the other hand, the Celtic Creation story uses an odd number to separate everything, whereas Genesis has separations in pairs. The separation of parts can differ, but is still shared by most creation myths.

The void is another archetypal element that is found in every creation story. If there were not a void, then there would be no creation. In the Celtic Creation Story, the void is not described in great detail, although it does produce Donn and Danu. In Genesis, there is also a void that produces darkness. In both of these stories the void is similar. It is not described in detail because it is a void or there can not be much to describe such a thing. They are...
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