Celta Written Assignment 1: Self Evaluation

Topics: Teacher, Learning, Lesson plan Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: May 8, 2012
Teaching strengths in different situations:
Planning stage:
* Improving lesson planning. Lesson plans are detailed, reflect comprehension of aims, anticipated problems and possible solutions, and where I need to improve. * Use of materials: prepared supplementary worksheets when necessary. In the classroom:

* Evidence of applying what I am learning from input sessions and feedback sessions. * Manner, rapport, response to students.
* Eliciting from students during all stages of lesson, from lead in to instruction checking, pre teaching vocabulary, and feedback. * Ratio of TTT to SST is good, as evidenced by use of pair work, small group work and SST in feedback sessions. * Clear instructions, including demonstration (e.g. ice breaker class), and using central example (e.g. reading class). * Instruction checking is evident and improving.

* Monitoring is improving, both immediately when task begins to ensure understanding of the task, and during pair/group work to anticipate responses/issues in feedback. * When used, white board work has been clear and an aid to students’ understanding. Post lesson:

* Open and receptive to feedback from tutor and colleagues. * Self-assessment is balanced, reinforcing strengths, as well as examining weaknesses and reflecting on how to improve these.

Teaching weaknesses in different situations:
Planning stage:
* Concept checking questions need to be better prepared.
* Instruction checking questions need to be better prepared In the classroom:
* Clear, well-checked instructions – need to be more consistent. * Concept checking. Need to be more systematic.
* Consistent, effective monitoring: each task needs immediate and then on-going monitoring * Clear, systematic feedback
* Maximising students’ contribution, especially during feedback, encouraging students to justify their answers, as well as ensure all students are contributing. * Better use...
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