Celta Skills Related Task

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Skills Related Task
The majority of students in my class have enrolled because they recently moved to Boston or are attempting to. Many of them are very interested in learning more about American culture. It can be a hurdle for them to find reading at their level that still gives the amount of incite into the American life that they are looking for. For my skills related lesson I’ve chosen to do a reading and speaking fluency lesson. The text I’ve chosen is the first paragraph from page one of the book On the Road by Jack Kerouac, published by New American Library in 1955. This is an ungraded text appropriate for upper-intermediate to advanced students. The text topic should provoke interesting conversations that allows students to form their own opinions. I feel that this book is a quintessential read to understanding the progress of American thought over the last hundred years. With the text students will practice skimming for gist, scanning for information, reading for comprehension, and will be introduced to some new vocabulary.

My lesson will begin with a brief lead in activity. Students will be asked the questions from the first activity on handout. I'll give them a minute to think about it then have them discuss in pairs and then as a whole class. If students seem to be struggling I’ll tell a short hitchhiking story of my own. I'll talk briefly about the beats in America helping to give them context. The attached pictures will be shown at this time with short introductions as well. This will also help spark more interest in the text and hopefully add to the discussion later on.

Then I’ll pre-teach the vocabulary I think they will struggle with. I’ll first try to elicit the words by giving them the definitions and a few pictures. I don’t think they will know many of them so I’ll move quickly to just teaching the new words and phonemics. 1. weary(adj): tiring, sad /wiri/

2. Reform school(n): school for criminal youth / / 3....
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