Celta Pre Interview Task

Topics: Past tense, Grammatical tenses, English language Pages: 5 (974 words) Published: November 15, 2011
1.              Check in a grammar reference book and give examples of the following tenses. Give REALISTIC NATURAL examples that might commonly be spoken or written by a native speaker.  

a. Present SimpleI live in London
b. Present ContinuousI am at home
c. Past SimpleI studied at Oxford
d. Past ContinuousThe cat was sleeping on the sofa e. Present Perfect SimpleI have been to Canada
f. Present Perfect ContinuousI have been living in London for 15 years g. Past PerfectI lived in Oxford before moving to York h. Past Perfect ContinuousI lived in York for 3 years before moving  

2.               Many foreign learners have learnt that Will and Shall are used to refer to the future in English e.g. Jane'll be home soon. However, in natural colloquial English other forms are frequently used. Look up and find 3 more ways of talking about the future without using will or shall. Give example sentences.

a.Im going to teach English
b.Im gonna teach english
Language - varieties
3. Look at the following sentences. Would you say them? Who might?

• So she's like “No”, and I'm like “Why not?”- Young American coloquial speaker • I am seeing what you mean - Non-native english speaker. • We've already gotten to know each other pretty well. American English speech

Language - accuracy
4. Look at these examples of a learner's spoken English. Underline the error and say what you think is wrong and why.
(i)Pedro has arrived last Saturday.
The sentence is past simple so does not require the use of has.  
(ii)She is living here since ten years.
The tense is present perfect continous and shoud be phrased as ‘has been’

(iii)Last year when I went on holiday, I lost my luggages. Luggage does not have a plural form as it is used for one or more items

(iv)She's a good cooker.
The correct noun for someone who cooks is a cook.

Language – Functions
5.             Modal auxiliaries are used to express different functions in English. For example, we use should in different ways to mean different things:

|Sample Sentence | | |You should see a doctor |Gives advice | |I know I should vote |Expresses obligation | |That should be him now |Expresses probability |

Look in a grammar book at find out more about modal auxiliaries.  
Consider the modal auxiliary can. Think of 3 more different functions/uses and complete the table.

|Sample Sentence |Function | |I can drive |Expresses ability | |Can you drive |Question | |That car cannot be driven |Certainty | | | |


6.             The meaning of new vocabulary can be presented in a variety of ways, including the following:

A picture or drawing, a simple synonym or...
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