Celta Pre Interview Task

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Pre-Inteview Task

You need to download this document onto your computer, complete parts one and three (part two is a reflective task so you don’t have to write anything) and save it and then send it to teachertraining@cambridgeschool.com.

DATE: 24th July 201

Part One
Write about a learning experience that you have had that lasted about an hour e.g. a driving lesson, a lecture or workshop at school or university, learning a dance step, a sport or musical instrument lesson, a time somebody showed you how to repair something, a time somebody showed you how to do a new task at work etc

Describe in detail what the 'teacher' did and what you did. How did you feel before, during and after the experience? Do you think it was a successful learning experience? Why (not)?

To give you the chance to demonstrate your writing ability in English.
To get you thinking about the learning process.
You should write about 250 words.
We don't expect you to write a work of literature. We hope, though, that you will be able to produce a coherent piece of writing which is more or less grammatically correct with no spelling mistakes.

Write your text below:|
It was 16 years ago when i first learnt how to ride a bicycle. The experience was memorable and exciting. The experience still lingers in my mind vividly. Till date, I can still remember this valuable lesson taught by my dad.One day, when i reached home after school, my dad finally decided to teach me how to ride a bicycle after bugging him for the longest time. He had taught me to look straight and stay firm when riding and try not to focus my sight on the ground, as it would distract me...
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