Celta Pre-Interview Task

Topics: Future, Time, Past Pages: 4 (1061 words) Published: September 5, 2012
CELTA pre-interview task

A 1We never go to the theatre these days. Present Simple
2We’re saving up to travel abroad. Present Continuous 3We’ve already been to Morocco. Present Perfect
4We didn’t have enough money to go further. Past Simple 5We had spent all our savings by the end of the summer. Past Perfect 6We’d been sleeping rough for several weeks when the weather turned colder. Past perfect

7This year, I’ve been awarded a travel scholarship. Present Perfect 8We’re going to travel for six months in Australia, and I’m going to write a thesis on the
Local dialects. Present Continuous
9I think we’ll buy a camper-van. Future Simple
10by the following year, I’ll have completed most of my research. Future Perfect

B 1I bought a newspaper this morning.
I’ve bought a newspaper this morning.
The first sentence is giving information to someone who asked him maybe in the past mid-morning. More of US English.
The second sentence is a confirmation that he has already bought a newspaper very recently.
2Did you remember to sign the letter?
Do you remember signing the letter?
The first sentence means someone was asked at the present time if they remember to sign
the letter while the time has not passed.
The second sentence is when the time has passed and someone has asked if they remember
signing the letter.

3He didn’t need to call the doctor.
He needn’t have called the doctor.
The first sentence means the doctor was not called as there was no requirement to carry out
the action.
The second sentence is subjective from one’s point of view, meaning the doctor was called but there was no obligation in calling the doctor.

4She speaks French.
She’s speaking French.
The first sentence is third person singular. Meaning the conversation took place in the present informing someone about what language the person speaks. The second sentence is again third person...
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