Celta Pre-Course Task Answers

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CELTA Pre-course task
Section 1
Task 1
1. Monolingual, adult group classes, part time, mixed gender, similar ability, day, teachers with English speaking backgrounds 2. After the course finishes I will be teaching the same. Task 2

1. I decided to teach adults because I like to listen to the various life experiences the adults have, I also like the adults hunger and willingness to learn. Adults are usually very motivated and make for an interesting class. 2. I find I’m well suited to teaching adults, as I’m a curious person by nature and I like to find out as much about my students as possible. I’m also able to empathise with them to them overcome any anxieties about learning they may have. I’m also open to sharing my own experiences with them. I like to find out there motivations and goals for learning English, with this key knowledge I can tailor my lesson plans accordingly. I’m patient and adaptable to the various personalities and levels of my adult students. I have ability to relate to various different people and build lasting relationships, which inspires confidence in my students. Sometimes adults have also developed bad habits in there learning, perhaps words or phrases that they learnt long ago and have been using, which may be more difficult to overcome. Adults can also be unconfident about learning again, as they are not used to this environment and are now more suited to the work environment. Stepping into a classroom again may be daunting to some, but easy for others. 3. Motivated, life experience, goal orientated learners, varied personalities and levels, various confidence levels, various backgrounds and professions, development of bad learning habits, etc. Task 3

1. I would want to find out firstly their reasons for learning English, I would find out about what they think they need to improve about their language skills, I would also like to find out about their career and what specifically they are going to use the language for. Perhaps it’s not for a career, perhaps they just want to use it to travel to English speaking countries etc. After I find out what their motivations are for learning I will find out what their interests and hobbies are. I’d also find out what experiences they have of using the language now or in past learning experiences. What they liked and disliked about these past and present experiences and what kind of lessons they enjoy. 2. I would either ask them face to face, or if there is more than one student, I would ask them to interview each other or even write me a letter or email, particularly if it’s a writing class. Task 4

From past experiences the most difficult learners are the ones with no clear goals, perhaps it’s just a hobby to them or they were made to go to school by their parents or even by their boss.

Task 5
Is patient, is friendly, knows about language and learning, approachable and empathises with learners Section 2
Task 6
When I think of grammar, I think of the rules of English writing in general. Things like where to put full stops, apostrophes and commas etc. Obviously it is also very important in speech, with the various grammar tenses, which Chinese students particularly have problems with. I think grammar is also a bit of a minefield as I find it’s not very adequately taught to us native speakers. Often non-native speakers have a better grasp of the various terms associated to the grammar, because perhaps they have not learnt the language by ear, like all native speakers. Task 7

1. Correct
2. Incorrect. I went to the movies last night.
3. Incorrect. He often comes late.
4. Correct
5. Incorrect. Can I have a black coffee, please?
6. Incorrect. People with 12 items or fewer can wait here. Task 8
It’s important to know about grammar because you need to give confidence to the student that you know what you are talking about. If you don’t know then the student will feel less confident...
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