Celta Pre-Course Task

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CELTA Pre-course task sheet

Section 1 – Learners and teachers, and the learning and teaching context

A – Teaching and learning contexts

Task 1
1. Lesson in groups, Multilingual & Open groups, full time course, mixed ability & gender groups, day classes, smaller classes, teachers with English speaking background 2. One to one lessons / lessons in groups, monolingual groups, closed / open groups, fulltime / part-time course, mixed / similar ability groups, mixed / same gender groups, large / smaller classes, day / evening classes.

B – The learners’ cultural, linguistic and educational backgrounds

Task 2
1. Teaching English to adults is an challenge in terms of establishing learning contexts, refining teaching styles, planning relevant lessons, overcoming probable individual / group learning issues for diverse groups of people. The challenge will also be to overcome pre-conceived speaking and writing habits. 2. As an adult, I primarily bring in 15 years of facilitation / teaching experience with diverse groups of people (corporate employees, villagers, foreign travelers etc) and environments in outdoor training / adventure travel and other business sectors. These experiences would help me in establishing learning context for people with differing backgrounds in languages, academics, socio-economic levels, ages etc. 3. Characteristics of Adult learners

• Established language habits
• Probable group learning issues
• Established learning style comfort
• Probably self motivated
• Mixed backgrounds

C- Motivation

Task 3
1. Context, motivation, academic and professional backgrounds, interests, probable learning styles and disabilities 2. By reviewing the application form, pre-course tasks and interviews, ongoing assessment to further refine the lesson plans

Task 4
1. “Because of pressure from family” - probable lack of self – motivation

D – The qualities and skills of a good language teacher

Task 5
1. The top five qualities the learners would probably rate high would be • Has a sense of humour
• Is approachable
• Gives clear information and feedback
• Is sensitive to learners as people
• Can be authoritative without being distant

Section 2 – Language analysis and awareness

A – Grammar

Task 6 – Technical, difficult, mysterious, revealing

Task 7
The sentences 3, and 5 are incorrect
The correct sentences are
3.He often comes late
5. May I have a black coffee, please?

Task 8
• To be able to explain the language rules accurately to the learners • To correct the learner’s mistakes with clear reasons • To be a role model for the students

Task 9
1. Pronoun
2. Article
3. Conjunction
4. Adverb
5. Adjective
6. Verb
7. Pronoun
8. Preposition
9. Verb
10. Noun

Task 10
1. Lexical
2. Lexical
3. Auxiliary
4. Auxiliary
5. Auxiliary
6. Lexical

Task 11
1. Auxiliary
2. Auxiliary
3. Auxiliary
4. Lexical
5. Lexical
6. Lexical
7. Auxiliary
8. Auxiliary

Task 12
1. C
2. E
3. B
4. A
5. D

Task 13
1. Past tense form
2. –ing form
3. 3rd person - present simple tense
4. Base form
5. Past participle form

Task 14
1. Hear
Past form – Heard
Past participle form – Heard
2. Do
Past form – did
Past participle form – did
3. Help
Past form – Helped
Past participle form – Helped
4. Think
Past form – Thought
Past participle form – Thought
5. Take
Past form – Took
Past participle form – Taken
6. Steal
Past form – Stole
Past participle form – Stole
7. Go
Past form – Went
Past participle form –...
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