Celta Language Analysis Assignment

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CELTA Language Analysis

Written assignment 2

N.B. Please write legibly in black ink or type.

Content carries the most weight, but you are also marked on clarity, accuracy (e.g. grammar, spelling, punctuation) and presentation (see CELTA criteria). Please read the shaded boxes to see the marking criteria. If your assignment does not meet the specified criteria, you will be asked to resubmit it. If the second submission is not satisfactory you will be awarded a fail grade. More than one fail grade will mean that you cannot pass the written component of the course and it is essential to pass this in order to pass the CELTA course itself. Except in extreme cases (illness etc), the deadlines given below must be observed.

ASSIGNMENT 2 Language related tasks

Candidates can demonstrate their learning by:
a) analysing language correctly for teaching purposes
b) correctly using terminology relating to form, meaning and phonology when analysing language c) accessing reference materials and referencing information they have learnt about language to an appropriate source d) using written language that is clear, accurate and appropriate to the task

The task:

You are going to analyse three language items; a grammatical structure, a functional exponent & some lexical items. Complete the boxes below.

|Grammatical structure: I’m getting used to it. | |1 . Say at which level it is usually taught. | |Intermediate/Upper Intermediate | | | |2. Provide examples of how it is used in spoken & written English. | |If you moved to Spain, you would need to get used to the heat. | |You need to get used to living on your own. | | | | | |3. Explain the meaning of the item – refer to a context if it helps. | |‘Get used to’ is used when you want to express that something is not normal for someone and they would need to become accustomed | |to it. For example, the sentence above ‘you need to get used to the heat’ means that the person they are talking to is not | |accustomed to hot weather and as they will be living in Spain, that would have to become a normal situation for them. | |4. Provide concept questions to check the meaning. | |If I say, ‘you need to get used to the cold weather in England. Is cold weather something I am accustomed to? No | | | |If I say, ‘you need to get used to living on your own.’ Do you feel comfortable living on your own? No. Is it a new experience | |for you? yes | | | |5. Describe how it is formed – the grammar. | |...
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