Celta Grammar

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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LENGTH – 750-1000 words
To develop your ability to
a) identify significant features of form, phonology, meaning and use of language items/areas b) use relevant information from reference materials

Assessment criteria (from CELTA syllabus)
You must:
1. Analyse language correctly for teaching purposes
2. Correctly use terminology relating to form, meaning and phonology when analysing language 3. Access reference material, and then reference information you have learned about language to an appropriate source 4. Use written language that is clear, accurate and appropriate to the task.

Your tasks
You will examine a set of sentences (shown later) and identify the following: a) The form
b) The function/meaning
c) Possible student difficulties (in terms of form, meaning and pronunciation) d) A possible context through which you could teach the language e) Two or three questions you might ask to check understanding (think about this in relation to your answer for b), your analysis of the function/meaning).

On the following page is an example of what is expected:

Example sentence: I’m seeing the doctor tomorrow.

a) Form
The present continuous + time marker

I| am| seeing| the doctor| tomorrow at 3 o’clock|
Subject| verb bepresent simple| verb plus ‘ing’| object| time marker|

b) Function/Meaning
Talking about a future arrangement

c) Possible Learner Difficulties

* Learners may omit the verb be in forming the sentence.
* Learners may use the base form of the verb instead of ing. * Learners may have difficulty in grasping the concept that we are talking about the future. * Learners may have difficulty understanding that it is an arrangement. * Learners may have pronunciation difficulties with the contracted form of the verb be. * Learners may have pronunciation difficulties with the weak form of ‘at’.

d) A possible context through which you could teach the...
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