Celta - Focus on the Learner Assignment

Topics: Italian language, English language, Vowel Pages: 4 (1123 words) Published: December 12, 2012

Part One

Anjou was born in Italy and speaks Italian. She has one brother and one sister. She enjoyed growing up there as she had a good social life. She spent a lot of doing physical activities. As a young child she regularly went swimming and played volleyball. She loves listening to music and enjoys long strolls in the park and riding her bike.

Anjou likes the life in London; she feels it has a lot to offer. She really enjoys the multi cultural side of it. She finds it interesting to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures, which is very different from Italy. In Italy there are mostly Spanish and Italians speakers and any foreigners they get, do not really mix with people of other backgrounds.

Anjou attended a public school and was placed in the medium class. She studied English in school but was only taught grammar, therefore has had a fair amount of practice, writing. She was never made to practise speaking English. She doesn’t like the method of teaching there. However, she feels they are now improving and making a slow progress to get students to speak English more frequently.

Anjou came to London to study English. She travelled to London out of convenience, as it’s closer to travel to than Australia, which was her first choice. Her main reason for wanting to learn English is simply because it is an international language and she loves travelling, therefore she feels it’s necessary. She also wants to learn from someone who’s first language is English. She also feels its hard getting a job if she isn’t able to speak it.

Anjou’s idea of a ‘perfect’ teacher is one who is friendly, corrects her mistakes, and engages him/herself with the students. She likes teachers who are ‘interesting’ and spoke about interesting things. She found her previous teachers to be ‘boring’; they were “too formal and strict”. She felt they were simply teaching, there was no time spent on establishing a relationship...
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