Celta Assignments

Topics: Education, Flight attendant, Teacher Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: April 12, 2012
Write an essay explaining why you want to take CELTA course and why you feel you would be a successful English teacher.

I have decided to take the CELTA course because I believe it will make me a better teacher, taking into account not only all the great testimonies I have heard, but also the improvement of my colleagues’ performance after taking it.. Although I have been teaching for a long time, I feel like doing the same thing probably in an old fashioned way. I’m almost sure there is a better, more exciting and motivating way of teaching. Nowadays I teach flight attendants, pilots and mechanics. They come to our school with different kinds of needs. Pilots and flight attendants need to pass the ICAO test and mechanics need to read the aircraft manuals to accomplish their tasks. Some of them love English, others hate it. And, what they have in common is that they need to learn English, whether they like it or not. So, I’m looking forward to learning a better way of helping my students doing what they need. When you teach these professionals you must have in mind that they look for a school where they can supply their language needs and also feel comfortable because the teachers are trained and motivated to help them reach their goals. My greatest challenge is to help my students develop their listening and speaking skills. They love to refer to Portuguese in class or say: “I didn’t understand this listening activity”. Sometimes I get frustrated when strategies fail. That’s why I have decided to look for help, because I’m willing to take my teaching performance to another level. We feel successful when we see our students passing the ICAO suggested test, speaking English and performing their tasks easily and fast because they are able to understand the language. I felt very happy the last time I traveled and met a flight attendant on a flight to Rio and she was the one to make the announcement...
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