Celta Assignment- Lesson from the Classroom

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  • Published : October 22, 2012
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We are almost half way through the CELTA course and it is admirable that all of us have had such a tremendous growth curve. Personally, I know I have become much more confident about standing in front of a classroom full of students and talking about different aspects of English language. I discovered the very first day that it was important to establish a good rapport with the students and be comfortable talking with them. I learned it was also important to engage students in conversation rather than assume the role of a traditional teacher. When Guy commented on September 13, after my first lesson, that I established a good rapport with the students and marked my performance on “building/maintaining a good rapport” above the standard, I felt more comfortable from the second lesson onwards.

I think I also did well in class management from the beginning. I made sure I kept all students involved in the ongoing activity. In the third week, Guy as well as my peers commented that I dealt well with the student arriving late, and also another student asking a question which I did not know the answer to but confidant enough to use my ipad to search for the correct answer and gave it to her. I think my class management skills have only improved since then.

Also on October 4, my forth lesson, Gui wrote: “well done” in the additional notes on my ability to focus accurately and clearly on specific lexis and grammar (meaning, form, phonology) and to include effective use of the white board or other visual support. Guy also commented on my first lesson TP feedback that I did a good job explaining some difficult lexis i.e. effortless, lean meat… I think I have developed adequate skills to teach lexis. (300)

I haven't done a very good job at providing productive practice to students because I don't time my lessons too well. During my first and third lesson, students didn't have enough time for speaking or even practicing the grammar thought at the end of the...
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