Celta Assignment 2

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Assignment 2
Language related task

Example 1: We can put off sleeping for a limited period. (Lexis) Meaning
The lexis Put off means that we do not want to do it now. We will do it at a later time. Synonym Procrastinate Concept Questions:
Do we want to do it now? No
Will we do it later? Yes
Base Verb + Adverb + Phrasal verb
put off sleeping
Put off is a phrasal verb used in everyday language by native English speakers Pronunciation

can put off sleeping

Phonemic pronunciation: / pʊt ɒf /
There is linking with the weak form of off in this verbal phrase. The sentence stress in on the phrasal verb put off and the continuous verb sleeping Appropriacy: Informal, can be used when you are talking with people. It should not be used when writing a business letter. Anticipated problems and solutions

Problem: Students might not understand the lexical phrases meaning. Solution: Use physical gestures and graded language to simplify the meaning also use the concept questions to reinforce the meaning. Problem: Pronunciation of the phrasal verb is difficult for students. Solution: Use drills to include back chaining to help them with the linking of the phrase.

Example 2: The unpleasant symptoms we suffer (Lexis)
The lexis unpleasant symptoms means that you are ill and have side effects from a disease or virus or it could be something in society. Concept Questions:
Does it feel good? No
Is it comfortable? No
Can you treat it? Yes
Is their more than one? Yes
Adjective + Noun
Unpleasant symptoms
Unpleasant symptoms is a lexical phrase used to describe conditions or problems


The unpleasant symptoms we suffer

Phonemic pronunciation: / ənplɛzənt sɪmptəmz /
The sentence stress is placed on the adjective unpleasant and the verb suffer also the there is a weak T on unpleasant Appropriacy: Formal, can be used in all types of speaking and writing situations Anticipated problems and solutions

Problem: The students could have a problem with the pronunciation of unpleasant pronouncing it as please in the middle of the word. Solution: Use the phonemic pronunciation of the word to illicit the correct pronunciation using a speaking drill. You could also slow down the pronunciation of the word for effect then speed it up to normal pronunciation to enable the students to hear the difference. Problem: Sentence stress is on the wrong words in the sentence. Solution: Diagram the sentence on the white board and drill the correct intonation and have them practice with partners and monitor.

Example 3: If scientist invented a pill which, if you took it, would keep you awake for ever, would you take it? (Grammar) Meaning
The If scientist invented a pill in this grammar structure means there is a possible scenario where something can happen and it is a possibility, but not probable. The would you take it? In this grammar structure is a question asking about a possible situation with conditions coming from the first part of this sentence. If it was possible will you do it? Concept Questions:

Will you sleep if you take it? No
Can we choose not to sleep? Yes
Why? You can take the pill or not
Would you do it? Yes or No
Conjunction +Noun +Past tense verb + Article + Noun
If scientist invented a pill Modal verb + Per. pronoun 2nd + Present tense verb + Object pronoun Would you take it ? This sentence is written as a second conditional sentence that has limited possibility and is highly improbable. The use of (which) in this sentence is unneeded and confusing to the reader also the phrase (if you took it) is also making the sentence harder to understand and is clouding the conditional phrase Pronunciation

If scientist invented a pill

Would you take it?

Appropriacy: Neutral, this is a...
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