Celta Assignment 1

Topics: Romance languages, Grammatical tenses, Italian language Pages: 3 (1177 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Cambridge CELTA assignment: Focus on the learner

Part A

My student’s name is Corrado, he’s 42 years old and his L1 is italian. He is an entrepreneur. In fact, he owns a bar where he works with two friends. However, he doesn’t need English at work as I thought. He loves to travel and that’s the main reason for him to learn English: he’s been to London many times and he would like to travel to the US as well and also he likes to organize his own trips so he needs English also to book hotels and flights online. He’s studied English only in school and (he says) with a terrible teacher who gave him no motivation. When he was travelling, he was always with friends who knew English very well so he was not led to try to talk himself. He likes speaking activities, he’s a very communicative person so he is willing to do mistakes. When he speaks freely he is not accurate and he makes mistakes even in the most simple structures (e.g. : I have 42 years old), but this is something he’s fully aware of. However, when he’s in class and he has a target language to follow he’s much better. He doesn’t like to write and he feels very insecure about it, in fact in the piece of writing about himself he gave me for his assignment he alternated lines in italian with the following translation in English because he said it would make him feel more secure but on the contrary it made him make many mistakes because he translated word for word (e.g.: da 2 anni non riesco ad andare in vacanza = last 2 years I can’t go on holiday).

Part B

Speaking: He shows willingness to make mistakes and he enjoys speaking in English and he’s able to use target language correctly when he’s asked to. His vocabulary is quite good considered he’s an elementary student, he has problems with tenses. His pronunciation is understandable even though he has a thick italian accent. Writing: he’s not used to write in english and so he’s more concentrated on grammar “rules” which causes him to make...
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