Celta Assignment 1

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1.….everything that has happened to us during the day …..

MEANING 1. “has happened” is a grammar structure used for actions which started in the past but continue up to now or to talk about actions that have a result now. Timeline: x (x)(x) has happenedpastpresentfuture CQs : Did it happen in the past? Yes. Is the day going on? Yes. Is it likely to happen some more events? Yes. Are we affected by the things that happened to us during the day? Yes. What events? We didn’t sleep well. What affects do we have now? We may be sleepy and tired now. FORM Subject| +| auxiliary verb| +| main verb|  |  | Have/has|  | past participle|

everything + has + happened +--? IhaveYou ‘veWeThey| V3| I have notYou haven’tWethey| V3| lHave you we they | V3| He hasShe ‘sıt| | He has notShe hasn’tit| | heHas she it| | “has happened“ is the form of Present Perfect Tense. PRONUNCIATION ▀Everything that has happened to us /həz/ hæpənd/ or /əz/ I’ve just watched…. He’s just watched …. They’ve watched…./ıv/ / hiz/ /ðeıv/The auxiliary verb is not stressed in short forms but the main verb is stressed. ANTICIPATED PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS 1. Problem: Students may forget to use the auxiliary verb “has”Solution: Elicit...
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