Celta Assigment 1

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My first encounter with Carlos was through the tutoring sessions. He seems fairly proficient when it came to speaking. During the first tutorial session I asked the group I was working with if they would be interested. Carlos was enthusiastic about participating. So much so, I asked the group to think about it. Looking back I think I was slightly overwhelmed by the response. The following week, Carlos was again at tutoring. Since he was still very interested in taking part in the study, we set up times for the interviews. -4-

Interviews with an ESL Learner Larry Bilokrely
I have to say from a speaking perspective, I was impressed with Carlos. If I had met him on the street I would have said that his accent was present but he was still understandable. From a grammar perspective, he seemed to have a very good grasp of idioms. He used idioms at the appropriate time in a conversation and in the correct form. After talking with him I felt confident in choosing him to help with my study. For the most part when he is speaking, Carlos doesn’t hesitate. However, when he was considering some of the questions, there was an additional pause indicating that he was employing a monitor to verify his speech. This is consistent with his statement that he tries to use correct grammar when he is speaking. Interview 2

This interview was concerned with sociolinguistic differences between English and his native language and culture (Columbian Spanish). In general in Spanish, you are more formal when you greet strangers. In fact, the greeting changes the closer the relationship is. For example, you kiss a lady relative hello but you just shake hands with strangers. Also there is a form of the personal pronoun that is used for people that you have a closer relationship with. Other general greeting rules are that you address older people more formally and you much more informal with children. There are no rules for addressing people of various professions. The two countries are quite similar in their approaches to greetings. The only difference being that English has a simpler language structure for greetings. In fact the same social norms apply in both countries. In Columbia to refuse an invitation you would call and apologize. Carlos has been invited to a Canadian home for supper. The main difference he noticed was that t Canadians tend to arrive on time while Columbians arrive late (20-30 min.). With respect to meals he found that fast food is more common in Canada. He also thinks that the food in North America is greasier. In Columbia more grains and salads are consumed. Also the lunch meal in Columbia consists of soup and juice. He feels that North Americans eat faster and are more impolite at meals. For example, it is common in North America for people to eat with their mouths open. This is impolite in Columbia. In the area of dating Carlos states that in Columbia the man pays for everything, while in Canada it’s 50/50. He likes the North American way but he still tries to contribute more than the woman when he -5-

Interviews with an ESL Learner Larry Bilokrely
goes on a date. He feels that when it come to marriage in Canada the woman is more important than the man. In Columbia, it’s common for a man to hit his wife and that the police don’t get involved with domestic disputes. While he says in Canada men and women are more equal at work he prefers the mother to stay at home with the children. Although he understands that some women may work because of their financial state, he feels that it’s better to have the mother take care of kids rather than working. In that way the kids are not with strangers. Carlos feels that for famous people to be a good role model they should being helping people. In Columbia a role model for people his age is Sharika. She came from a poor background. She helps kids. In Canada he thinks Mariel Casey (a singer from Quebec) is a good role model. She is also a person who helps people. In...
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