Topics: The Truman Show, Activity, Davina McCall Pages: 4 (1101 words) Published: November 22, 2012
Karolina Szybinska

Assignment 3: Skills Related Tasks
-1I decided to use the “Metro” article on Big Brother for my skills related task. I think it is an appropriate text for English language learners, because the article was published in “Metro” – a free newspaper which students will immediately recognise (proven that they have lived in London for more than 2 weeks). I also think that the use of an “authentic” text could be hugely appreciated by the students; the ability to read and understand a newspaper they see daily is an enormous confidence booster for them. The article deals with contemporary issue, and the topic is not culturally biased as the concept of Big Brother will be known to European students and possibly to other students with a little bit of an interest in the western culture. But, most of all, this article is perfect for a reading activity, as the topic is known to be a very controversial one and would make it a great discussion/ productive skill extension. I would use it with an intermediate/upper intermediate level students (depending on the individual students too, trying not to match the level to the strongest students, but also making sure the students are not bored or unchallenged because I focus too much on the weaker ones). -2– I think a good starting point for this lesson would be playing a trailer of The Truman Show movie and start from there. Many students will be familiar with the movie already and if they are not, the trailer provides a good explanation of the problem in the movie. The idea of being invigilated 24/7 is put across quite bluntly in the trailer alone. The trailer is also a good aid to use, should any Assignment 3 P/T Celta Karolina Szybinska 1

students have problems with a sentence in the text “The Truman Show-style concept”. Students could first discuss with partners whether or not they have seen the movie, how they feel about being filmed, do they know any other movies/books/TV programs where this...
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