Cellular Respiration

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  • Published : May 6, 2008
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Cellular Respiration
I/ Introduction
- Cellular respiration is the cellular process whereby carbon-containing compounds are broken down through the series of reactions that result in the gradual release of energy. - Cellular respiration consumes oxygen (O2) and produces (CO2). Because oxygen is required so cellular respiration is aerobic. - Include metabolic pathways: glycolysis, transition reaction, the Krebs cycle, electron transport system and oxidative phosphorylation. - Overall reaction:

C6H12O6 + 6O2 => 6H2O + 6 CO2 + energy
- Measure cellular respiration rate by using CO2 Gas Sensor to track the change in CO2 concentration that is occurring in seeds of all types. Part 1: Germinating and non-germinating seeds
a.) Hypothesis: Germinating seeds will have higher cellular respiration rate than non-germinating seeds. b.) Dependent variable is whether the seeds are germinating or not. c.) Independent variable is the change in CO2 concentration. d.) Control variables: temperature, mass of seeds used, and volume of chamber. Part 2: Germinating seeds in cold water

Hypothesis: Low temperature will make cellular respiration rate smaller. Part 3: Germinating seeds at different days of germination
Hypothesis: seeds that germinating longer will have higher cellular respiration. III/ Results:
Part 1: At 210C, 10.8 grams of each type of seeds were used. The rate of respiration of - Germinating seed is 92.58 ppm/min
- Non- germinating seed is -0.974 ppm/min. (I guess)
Part 2: At 20C, 16.96 grams of germinating seeds were used. - Rate of respiration is 27.06 ppm/min
Part 3: At 210C, 10.8 grams of each type of seeds were used. The rate of respiration of germinating seed at
- First day is 92.58 ppm/min
- Three days is 68.40 ppm/min
- Five days is 76.25 ppm/min
After the lab experiment, we noticed that the rate of respiration is .IV/ Discussion:
- The result in part I agree with my hypothesis while result in part II doesn’t. - In part...
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