Cell Transport Lab

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  • Published : November 16, 2012
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“Cell Transport Lab”
Hypothesis: I hypothesis that there will be a movement of molecules out of the egg, and will move into the water solution. Osmosis will occur within the egg, and in the process the molecules of the egg will diffuse.

Time (hrs)| Observations| Circumference (cm)|
* 0| * Egg is of normal weight and size * No membrane is being shown, and is almost perfect| * 14 centimeters| * 24| * Egg has gotten larger taking in some of the water * Shell is soft | * 15 centimeters| * 48| * It larger now than before, opaque in appearance * Firm to touch| * 16 centimeter| * 72| * Transparent almost see through, fluid inside is visible * It has become even more firm and hard| * 17 centimeters|

1. The egg changed exactly three centimeters in size from 14 centimeter, to 17 centimeters. 2. Yes my hypothesis was correct, osmosis occurred and the molecules in the egg transferred and in a result the egg took in water. 3. The type of transport that will occur within the egg will be osmosis. Displacement occurred within the egg, when water was taken in within the egg. 4. The liquid goes through the membranes of lettuce or spinach cells and surges the overall firmness of the leaves. 5. What I think will happen to the egg if you put it in syrup, would be that the egg will egg deflate a little from the humongous state and go back to normal. Maybe the water will come out from the egg and go within the syrup somehow.
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