Cell Transport

Topics: Diffusion, Molecular diffusion, Osmosis Pages: 4 (549 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Describe two variables that affect the rate of diffusion?

size of material and concentration of gradient.


Why do you think the Urea was not able to diffuse through the 20MWCO membrane?

because urea was too big to pass through the 20 MWCO membrane.


Describe the result of the attempt to diffuse glucose and albumin through the 200 MWCO membrane?

the glucose diffused through the 200MWCO membrane, while there was no diffusion of albumin.


Put the following in order from the smallest to largest molecular weight: glucose, sodium chloride, albumin, urea.

sodium chloride, urea, glucose, albumin.


Explain one way in which facilitated diffusion is the same as simple diffusion and one way in which it differs.

both are passive diffusion that are from high concentration gradient to a low concentration gradient. facilitated differs from simple because it requires a carrier protein to diffuse.


The larger value obtained when more glucose carriers were present corresponds to an increase in the rate of glucose transport. Explain why the rate increased.

the rate increased because there is more room and surface area increases relative to glucose.


Explain the effects that increasing the NaCl concentration had on osmotic pressure and why it has this effect.

Increasing the NaCl will increase the osmotic pressure. because water needs to diffuse to the higher concentration gradient until equilibrium is reached.


Describe one way in which Osmosis is similar to simple diffusion and one way in which it is different.

both are passive transports of high concentration gradient to low concentration gradient. Osmosis differs because it is the diffusion of water from a high to a low concentration gradient through a selective permeable membrane.


the conditions were 9 mM albumin in the left beaker and 10 mM glucose in the right beaker...
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