Cell Phones: a Revolution for Our Ears

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Cell Phones: A Revolution for our Ears

The first idea of the cellular phone was concocted in 1947, however it was not until 1983 that cell phone service was first offered to US consumers. (Calem, 1). A Gartner report indicates that at the decade’s end, cell phone owners will make up almost 40 percent of the world’s population. (Charny, 1). The number of services now available on an individual’s cell phone in the year 2007 can be intimidating for a consumer that just wants to make a call from their car. Cell phone companies are now offering everything from text messaging to GPS enabled phones. Even children are getting in on the fun, using cell phones to text message friends and keep in touch with parents. Perhaps the most exciting thing about cell phones is the technology that continues to advance at a very rapid pace, promising that cell phones are here to stay.

Services that are now offered for your cell phone that would have seemed unbelievable even five years ago are making cell phones a very valuable asset to have these days. One of the most popular services among cell phone service providers is internet access from your phone. This function allows users to check their internet e-mail and even read the latest news, all from a hand held device. Internet powerhouse Google now offers a service wherein users are able to send a text message to 46645 requesting information and receive a text message back with the requested data. Cell phones are also making international calls affordable as opposed to the somewhat high rates that can be charged on international calls made from a landline. By calling 712-858-8883 from your cell phone, you can call any of 50 countries and only pay for the call to the Iowa number. (Pogue, 1). Another very popular service for your cell phone is being offered not from your cell phone service provider, but from Web sites on the internet. These sites offer a free disposable cell phone number, which acts as a mask...
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