Cell Phones, a Convienant Problem

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, English-language films Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Cell Phones, A Convenient Problem  
                           In this day and age cell phones have become so common that they have become more of a nuisance then a convenience. In today’s world the use of cell phones is beginning to present more danger then helpfulness to people’s live, for example texting while driving causes an excessive amount of accidents because it diverts people’s attention away from focusing on driving. I myself have been a victim of what texting and driving causes on the roadways, for instance I have caused a major, almost deadly car accident because I was focused on answering a message rather than thinking about my safety and the safety of others around me. One beautiful fall day I was driving at a very high speed and decided to look down at my cell phone to answer a message, in the split second it took me to look down to read it I glanced back up and was rearing head on into an oncoming vehicle, as I jerked my vehicle to avoid a head on collision I smashed into another car and spun myself into another lane where a second car barreled into me at over seventy miles per hour. I was informed by an EMT that I was very lucky to be alive and if my car would have spun the other way I would have died instantly. This experience led me to think about the decisions that I should have made, granted I disregarded everything I had ever learned in driving class and decided to look at my phone without even thinking twice about it, but the fact of the matter is that cell phones have become such a part of people’s personal lives that they overtake our ability to make the right decisions when driving and can lead to very dire consequences
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