Cell Phones While Driving Should Not Be Banned

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  • Published : February 24, 2012
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Using Cell Phones While Driving Shouldn’t Be Banned
When someone decides to use a cell phone while driving, it creates risks to others, but these risks are small. After weighing the risks against the benefits of cell phone use, it can be found that the benefits far exceed the risks. In this paper I will argue that cell phones should not be banned and indicate several benefits to using cell phones in vehicles. There are benefits that make cell phones useful in cars to drivers. Cell phones may save lives when faced with dangerous situations on the highway. The allow drivers to report accidents for others or provide a report about a crime. A driver with a cell phone can have peace of mind knowing that if you have car trouble, a flat tire or run out of gas, a cell phone can be easily accessed. According to the Cellular Telephone and Internet Association, 139,000 emergency calls are made a day by drivers, which shows that cell phones are needed in cars. Those safely driving on the road may be more secure knowing that they can call concerning spiteful and unsafe drivers on the road. A mother can call home and check to see if the kids are safe. Those drivers running late may quickly call about their delay rather than rushing, imposing a risk to others. Truckers have used CB radios for many years. Even drunk drivers kill more people in accidents every year. Before we are too quick to ban cell phone use while driving, we should think about the costs involved. If I had a teenaged driver I would feel better if they had a cell phone and used it in case of emergency even if they were driving. Imploring the use of cell phones while driving has decreased accident response times, thus improving public safety and saving more lives. It is not the cell phones that cause accidents, the person operating the vehicle is responsible. Cell phones are as much of a distraction as the radio, smoking or talking to passengers. There are handheld and wireless devices available...
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