Cell Phones While Driving

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Mohammed Aljudayb
Dr. Tacheny
ESL 136
3 – 27 – 2013
Spring Break
Spring break is a Mid-Term vacation it is a chance for a lot of students to have fun and see their parents in other places. About me I did three interesting activities made my spring break kind of perfect, which were going to Florida, having fun in Florida cities and I saw one of my best friends. Actually a lot of beautiful and interesting things happened on that break. One of my best days in my life when I went to Florida in spring break. One of my Friend his name Fahad we were together studying English program in Grand Forks, North Dakota. In the beginning I decided to stay in Mankato, but he called me many times and told me that I should visit him in spring break. After that I decided to visit him and I called my parents to transfer extra money for me. I arrived to Tampa’s airport on Saturday. In then we went together to his apartment. Next day he told me that I must see where do we usually have fun in? He took me to Miami Beach, actually it was amazing and there were a lot of people dancing in the beach and swimming, I said to myself what a big different between Florida and Mankato in everything especially the weather it makes it hard to believe that both of them are in America. After that we went to nightclub beside the beach, I cannot tell about it but when we got out of it there was no energy for me to walk, it was unforgettable day. One of the most exciting things in that trip is when I met one of my best friends his name is Ahmed, I haven’t seen him since high school, and we had been studying together for twelve years. After that in 2009 he moved out to United States. Actually when Fahad called me to visit him I also planned to see Ahmed but when I arrived to Florida I shocked because they are friends now, that made my trip better and easier, so we were hanging out in Florida for week. My flight was on Saturday to Mankato. My trip to Florida was unforgettable and one of my best...
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