Cell Phones Used Inappropriately

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Cell Phones Used Inappropriately
Julia Savage
August 30, 2011
Dave Kubel

Cell Phones Used Inappropriately
Cell phones are used inappropriately more each and everyday. Even though cell phones are used for emergencies, those being used inappropriately are causing fatality rates to rise in car crashes. Many people are not realizing when it is appropriate to use a cell phone while driving or any other time. People are not considerate with the concerns of using a cell phone. People including teens are using them everywhere and for everything. Some people do not even have landlines in their homes now because cell phones have totally taken their place.

Everywhere a person may go, people have cell phones, and if they are not talking on them, they are texting, playing games, watching programs, or surfing the Internet. Technology has significantly advanced when it comes to cell phones. Cell phones can be used for everything a person could imagine, including starting a car. Cell phones have many applications; they include music, e-mail, social networking, GPS navigation, games, ringtones, movies, TV, entertainment, and much more. Not that long ago, a cell phone was bulky, large, and it had a big bag to carry the phone inside. Cell phones today can have different covers to fit over it to match any fashionable outfit or just be sleek, attractive and, it is so slim it can slide into almost any pocket. A person could hide a cell phone anywhere either on his or her person, car, backpack, or in a handbag. Now a day, because cell phones have advanced in size and technology people seem to use them all the time even when they should know enough not to use a phone.

Some people are so inconsiderate he or she will tell a receptionist or a nurse to hold on so he or she can finish their call first before going to the exam room at the doctors. People distract others at the movie theater during the show because their cell...
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