Cell Phones Should Be Allowed While Driving – Agree or Disagree

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Cell Phones Should Be Allowed While Driving – Agree or Disagree

In my opinion cell phones should not be allowed while driving. The reason in which I say this is because if you have your cell phone out while driving you can cause injury or death upon both you and/or another individual either in your car or another. While driving you are to pay full attention to the road and where you’re driving to and not the phone it is a distraction. For an example, On July 10, 1998 a male of the age 16 sent his 18 year old brother who was driving home a text message saying to bring home food. Because of that text his brother crashed while in the middle of reading it and died because of the lack of attention he had on the road so his reaction was not fast enough. In 2011 in the United States 37% of drivers have sent or received a text while driving and at least 18% say they do it regularly.(“2011 Distracted Driving Statistics” - http://www.edgarsnyder.com/car-accident/cell-phone/cell-phone-statistics.html) Deaths which could have possibly been avoided happened to many people who have done so. Research has proven that it is difficult to concentrate on driving and talking at the same time. A recent British study showed that talking on a cell phone while driving was more hazardous than operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. The results showed drivers' reaction times were 30 percent slower when talking on a cell phone than when legally drunk - and nearly 50 percent slower than under normal driving conditions.(<http://www.123HelpMe.com/view.asp?id=150549>)

According To Caleb “Texting while driving reduces your reaction time.” This meaning that if you are texting and driving at the same time and the car the car in front of you makes a sudden stop you realize at a later time than you should or would have if you were not texting. As a result you could end up in the hospital for an...
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