Cell Phones Possession in Schools

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19 September 2011

Cell Phone Possession in Schools

There are many pros and cons towards cell phone possession in schools; nonetheless the pros outweigh the cons in extensive ways. In The New York Times, Kim Flodin wrote an article based on cell phone possession in schools. Can You Hear Me, Mom has positive and negative aspects towards the possession of cell phones in schools, through Kim Flodin, a parent, and Joel Klein, a former NYC school chancellor. Kim Flodin is a parent of two who is for cell phone possession in schools. She supports her argument by stating, “...my middle-schooler commutes on her own from our Brooklyn home to her Manhattan middle school, and she needs a cellphone for her safety.” She also states “The minute my daughter leaves that school to come home, her phone is our lifeline.” September 11th 2001, was a very tragic day. Thousands of lives were lost, and many injured. During 9-11 school was in session, and cell phones were the most used device to communicate. For example, my mom called my dad on his cell phone that day to make sure he was ok, because he was in manhattan, and near the twin towers. My mother was able to reach him and my dad was okay.

Joel Klein was the former NYC school chancellor. He is against the possession of cell phones in schools, and defends the ban by stating, “....cellphones lead to cheating on tests and cause other problems.” he also states “And phones incite fights?” There is text bullying, and other ways fights are started, but if you were in trouble and needed to call 9-1-1 or someone to help, a cell phone is the only way to communicate quick. Why should all the students get their phones confiscated and taken from them, when only a handful of them abuse the privilege of being able to possess a cellphone in school? Metal detectors are a good way of finding lethal weapons, but when it comes to taking away a device that can be used for emergency purposes, its wrong, even...
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