Cell Phones in School?

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Bullying Pages: 2 (839 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Ring, Ring”, a cellphone goes off in class. The boy with the cellphone hides in his seat in embarrassment. All the children staring at him and the teacher glaring at him. Cell phones should not be allowed in school because they are a disruption to the environment can be used to do illegal/bad things, and are a key factor to cyber-bullying and cheating. One reason is that cell phones can be used to do illegal things. They can be used to commit drug deals. On school property teens can go to open air markets and buy drugs straight off the site. Cell phones can also be used for prank calls. There have been many cases when a teen goes into a school restroom, pulls out his cellphone and calls the police to tell them there is a bomb planted in the school. This not only is a felony but it disrupts the school environment, it causes panic within teachers and students, and the fake threat will have wasted the time of the police officers. If the student is caught, they can even be tried in juvenile court. Furthermore cell phones can detonate real bombs with their signal. Illegal or not tolerated pictures can also be taken with a cell phone. Furthermore, a student can take a picture of someone changing in the locker room and post it on social media websites like Facebook or Instagram. This act is called sexting and it is illegal. Lastly, theft is a big issue associated with cell phones in school. There have been numerous cases of stolen cell phones in school. Mainly from students who keep their phones in their locker. This is how cell phones can be used to do illegal things. Another issue involving cell phones in school is cheating. While taking a test students can look up the answers by surfing the web. Teens can also text each other the answer. Text messages can be sent discretely while in a classroom. Some smartphones have advanced models of calculators. Even if they don’t have an advanced calculator they could probably download one from the application store that is...
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