Cell Phones and Social Graces

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  • Published : November 20, 2011
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“Cell Phones & Social Graces”
Have you ever been driving down the street and noticed a driver using his/her cell phone while driving? In the article “Cell Phones & Social Graces” written by Charles Fisher, examples were given of people using their cell phones in a rude fashion. People using their phones in a selfish behavior can cause a careless way of acknowledgement to their surroundings and others. Cell phones can also work as a distraction being forced away from something that needs our outmost attention. Fisher has given examples of social graces of when to use a cell phone in public, for instance domestic problems were addressed at home and not in public. These types of actions have come to bother those whom are surrounded by selfish behavior and also get distracted. I strongly agree with Fisher that it is not the cell phone that is the problem but how we use them. Furthermore lack of respect and courtesy from the cell phone user, can cause a world of distractions to those who are nearby.

Cell phones being used in a public area can create a distraction to those around them. Fisher has given the example of being at Borders and having a woman argue over her domestic relationship, which included profanity, as she was surrounded by those who were in need for quiet as they browsed. There has been many times where those surrounded by a careless cell phone user have become distracted. As a personal experience of being in a movie theater trying to enjoy a movie, you come across a blue lit light coming from the row sitting in front from us which created a distraction while trying to understand the family values from the Lion King movie. Also seeing a driver along the road having there phone glued to their ear, while driving down the 65 mph freeway. A simple reaction caused by the conversation being carried while driving can cause an traffic accident. Let alone being at a restaurant trying to enjoy a nice dinner with the family and having the guy...
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