Cell Phones and Social Change

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  • Published : May 12, 2009
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Cell Phones and Social Change 2
According to statistics, “in the middle of 2005, the number of subscribers to cell phone carriers had dramatically increased and the number of total users had reached 2.4 billion. If the numbers continue to multiply at a steady rate, the number of subscribers is expected to reach into the billions over the course of the next few years.” That was four years ago, today that number must have tripled or even more. There was a time when cell phones were not considered common. It was once for people who had money and now cell phones are now being used by celebrities and even those who are in remote areas of the Earth. Cell phone usage is on the rise, not just in North America but worldwide. In the past as well as now, there have been numerous social events that happen before our very eyes and yet fall short to know them happening. In today’s society, the cell phones swiftly take the society by storm. There is no escaping them. They are everywhere such as in the stores, at the movies, in restaurants, in church, even in the class room. Technology as a whole has been globalized and whether it is viewed as something good or bad, they are here to stay. Because cell phones target specific age groups, it has become like an experiment. It contains things such as cameras, internet, text messages, and games. Eastern and Western globalization of cell phones have dramatically changed the way people live because it changes the way we communicate. In addition to that, there has been an up rise in problems and with the use of articles, books, statistics and surveys there will be proof that social changes have clearly been made because of cell phones.

It is evident that cell phones make life easier. It is basically like a hand held computer with the addition of making calls. An example of this is the new generation of mobile devices called the “Smartphone”. Before the cellular phone, people would use home phones, send letters Cell Phones and...
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